UFO Project 2011

The images in this gallery are of UFOs created in collaboration with students of my final sculpture course at Hope College in the fall of 2010.

Alongside our professor, Billy Mayer, we were invited to recreate a museum gallery room of our choice in an abandoned natural history museum in downtown Grand Rapids, MI. The project included created government documents, maps, video and radio footage, photos and physical proof of UFO and alien activity around Michigan. The gallery was curated to look like an authentic museum exhibition.

As a part of our exhibition, we created these UFOs out of found objects, and displayed them under glass for visitors to study.

I continued the UFO theme on my own time by sculpting UFOs out of recycled materials, painting them white, and hanging them all over Hope College's campus, various parts of Grand Rapids, MI and wherever my family and friends decided to hang them once I started giving them away. Many have been removed from where they once occupied airspace, however, some remain, hidden in rafters, too far out of reach for anyone to be bothered with.