Eclipse Season

I've got an ex who recently told me the single most memorable thing he learned from our *years* together was to make sure to put away the dry dishes on the drying rack, before washing more dishes to put on the rack. That's right folks, I am making men more accountable for future relationships. God bless America.

ANYWAYS, here in single life land:

I have been cruising along the east coast for a couple weeks, starting in Gloucester, MA, then slinking up to Portland, Maine, and now down to Rhode Island before heading to Boston for a night and then Europe for 16 days. 

I was in Gloucester to help organize and participate in celebrating my friends' wedding. Alison and Bart are some amazing humans who have helped me through a lot of the crazy that the universe has thrown at me. They're some of the most genuine people I know. And they really know how to throw a party! Here are some shots from around their hometown.

After the wedding, I caught a ride up to Portland, Maine, hung out with some new and old friends and got to check out the town.

Portland is the most west coast style east coast town I have been to. It's got a heavily tattooed population with loads of coffee shops, thrift stores, record shops, music venues, and general alternative vibes. It's definitely a town I'd like to spend more time in.

Now, I am sitting in a house where three guys in the Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Science at Brown University, live and.. survive (playing Mario Cart) in. Providence, Rhode Island is like most other college towns I've been in. In fact, I spent most of last summer in New Haven, CT, and find the towns eerily similar.

My cousin Jesse and I went to Jamestown yesterday and got our fill of lobster rolls, salty, smelly coastlines, and an over saturated tourist town. I spent a day there last summer with Jesse too, so it was cool to explore a little more of that end of Rhode Island.

Maia and I leave for Europe on Thursday and we are SO excited! I will obviously be posting photos from that adventure in a couple weeks when I'm back stateside, but until then, enjoy these photos of yours truly, holding my best friend's baby, and holding my 'babies', AKA seventeen bikinis.