Avocado Pornography

Sorry to lead you on, but there is not a single pornographic image of an avocado in here. Here are some Darko photos instead:

To catch you all up on what's going on in my life:

I am currently in LA hanging with some of the raddest humans around. This kicks off a whirlwind few months of travel between Seattle, Detroit, North Carolina (?), Massachusetts and even Europe! My cousin Maia and I are heading out in August for a quick trip through France, Spain and Portugal.

Aren't you all just so excited to be force fed all these images? Me too.. me too.

Okay, so... Hawaii photos...

And some Seattle (and Portland) photos...

Detroit photos!

And here are a few more from Hawaii for y'all to scroll through...

I'm hanging in LA for the next week, and then causing through to Seattle and then Detroit. Lots of exciting things coming up!

Home Again

I just left Michigan, heading towards warmer weather. For the next few days I'll be in California, and then Sunday I go home to Hawaii.

While home in Michigan, I got to hang out with my brothers and parents, and a lot of friends. I got to explore Detroit and reacquaint myself with my home-town. My three brothers were in town for Christmas, which made it an especially memorable holiday, since I haven't been home for Christmas in 4 years. We got into the city, walked around the conservancy on Belle Isle, then over to midtown to check out the shops, and finally to the DIA, so I could get my art fix in.

I have also been able to spend time with my grandparents, who are all experiencing transitional periods in their lives right now. My grandpa Dick is 93, still smiling and positive, but fast approaching what he calls his "final send-off". My grandpa George is as spunky as ever, getting ready for his next adventure, a move back to his hometown in Pennsylvania, after spending the last 60 years in Detroit. And my Granny is making a big move, downsizing in all areas of her life. It has made me realize how much in common I have with my family from totally different generations.

I also had the opportunity to party with friends! I got to see my brother's new house in Kalamazoo, catch up with friends in the area, and even had time to make some art! I was working with my mom at Specs Eyewear Studio, and got to spend quality time with my daddio.

Being home always feels good, and it gets harder and harder to leave, but I am looking forward to my next adventure in Hawaii - not to mention getting into the ocean and the 85 degree weather :)

Oh yeah, and here are some pretttttty lovely throwbacks for you guys! Sorry mom!!